Our sauce is for people who are passionate about their BBQ.

Open Pit’s specialty has always been its unique, robust and tangy flavor. This special blend of tangy flavor and spices is perfect as a dipping sauce right out of the bottle or for doctoring up to bring your family recipes to life. Open Pit comes in three styles:

Whichever Open Pit BBQ sauce you prefer,
you will be the boss of your barbecue sauce!

Blue Label has a spicy, vinegary flavor profile, and comes in six flavors:

Sweet, Honey, Hickory, Onion, Char-Grill and Original.

Open Pit's Blue Label sauce has a unique flavor that people enjoy right out of the bottle or as the foundation for their own secret sauce recipe. Open Pit's special blend of spices and tangy bite make it perfect for adding your own special ingredients whatever they may be; brown sugar, lemon, garlic, cayenne pepper or even a splash of your favorite alcohol.

Thick & Tangy comes in three flavors:

Original, Brown Sugar & Spice and Sweet.

This recipe is a thicker version of our Blue Label sauce for better cling to your favorite foods. Thick & Tangy can be enjoyed right out of the bottle as a dipping sauce or as a basting sauce while cooking.

Thick & Sweet comes in three flavors:

Sweet Spiced Rum, Brown Sugar Bourbon & Apple Whiskey.

We took some of your favorite flavors, fused them, and created these great new flavors of BBQ sauce. Try all three new varieties, Brown Sugar & Bourbon, Apple Whiskey & Sweet Spiced Rum.


Try Thick & Sweet in three mouth-watering flavors!


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